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New features of the Allied Universal Training System 3.0:

Home page screencapFully Integrated System

  • Manage one site or an entire portfolio
  • All users are in the same system
  • Train occupants, floor wardens & fire safety directors
  • All user training and testing are recorded
  • Building specific Emergency Responder information

Fully Automated System

  • Automatic certificates to each user (instantly via email)
  • Automatic annual reminders to each user (per training module)
  • Automatic employee compliance reports to each tenant – quarterly
  • Automatic notifications to local fire department
  • Automatic creation of real time Special Assistance and Floor Warden lists
  • Automatic notification of updates to Special Assistance list
  • Automatic notification of updates to Floor Warden & Fire Safety Director lists
  • Automatic updates and maintenance

Account page screencapDistinct levels of user access:

  • Property Manager: Full rights and access to one or multiple properties. Receive automatic updates & reminders.
  • Fire Department: Online access to confidential FD documents, reports and training records. Automatic emails.
  • Fire Safety Director: Access to Fire Dept. documents & invites and tracks Floor Wardens.
  • Floor Warden: Tracks occupant training per floor
  • Tenant Manager: Add/update/delete/track employees — all reports
  • Occupant/Employee: View training/tests view & print documents. Add & remove themselves from the individuals who need assistance list.
  • Each level is secure and you can update the contents any time.
  • Each user level has its own Resources section.

Fire safety training module screenshotNew Training Modules and Resources

  • Medical Emergency
  • Power Outage
  • Stairwell procedures
  • Emergency Carry Techniques
  • Sheltering/Defending in place
  • Building Specific Systems
  • Physically impaired assistance, and more

Special Features of the Allied Universal Training System

At Allied Universal, we think of everything to maximize the convenience, comfort, and thoroughness of your life safety training. The Allied Universal Training System (Allied UniversalTS) provides ALL of the following features at no extra cost!

Customer Service Features

Low-cost 30-day implementation.
Getting started is fast and easy. Your building(s) can be online within 30 days and once the system is implemented, you have a solution for life.

Full customer service and system maintenance.
We maintain and update the system for you and handle all customer service inquiries.

Training Features

High-quality animation.
To ensure the highest rate of retention possible, we hired former Disney, DreamWorks, and Warner Bros. artists to create engaging animated tutorials.

Immediate proof of training.
Personalized and dated certificates of completion are instantly emailed to each user as soon as they successfully complete their training. The certificate is also branded with your company logo.

Customized branding.
Your name and logo appear on every page and on every certificate.
Bilingual settings.
With the touch of a button, users can choose between English or Spanish.

Unlimited viewing and printing.
Now you have an easy way to give tenants (building or portfolio-wide) consistent and updated maps, manuals, or any other content you want them to have. You will never have to print, store, or distribute emergency-related documents again.

Free color aerial photograph safe-refuge map of your building.

Tracking Features

Automatic reports to each tenant.
Every quarter, we email each tenant a friendly training reminder and a list of all their employees who have completed their training. We also include simple cut-and-paste login instructions for employees who do not appear on the compliance list. We make it easy for all occupants to catch up!

Management tracking database.
A password-protected management database provides automatic tracking of each occupant along with a one-touch email system.

Property messaging system screencapSend messages to your tenants

The new integrated property messaging system can save you time and money. Communicate instantly to all tenant managers or all occupants in any property, all without ever leaving the Allied Universal Training system.

Want to experience some of the special benefits and features of Allied UniversalTS? Watch a demo and see the quality of our animated tutorials, take an online tour of the system itself, or take our quiz and see if you’re up to code!

Contact us or call 310-882-5411 if you’re interested in our services or if you have any questions.