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Allied Universal

Allied Universal, has been providing safety and security solutions to Commercial Real Estate companies for over 20 years. The late R.J. Westmore, or Bob as he was commonly known, was a significant figure in the development of national standards for fire safety for many years. Our mission is to save lives through training with the motto “Be Safe!”

New Features of Allied Universal Training System 3.0

A Fully Integrated System

Allows property management companies to manage one site or an entire portfolio, with all users in the same system. You can train occupants, floor wardens, and fire safety directors; all user training and testing is recorded. Get quick access to building specific Emergency Responder information and other resources.

A Fully Automated System

Certificates are instantly sent to each user via email after completion of training. Annual reminders for each training module are automatically sent to each user, and quarterly employee compliance reports are sent to each tenant. Automatic notifications are sent to local fire departments. Higher-level users can automatically create real time Special Assistance and Floor Warden lists and get automatic notification of updates to Special Assistance, Floor Warden, and Fire Safety Director lists. Automatic updates and maintenance make the system even easier to use.

The Allied Universal Online Fire Life Safety Training System (Allied UniversalTS) features:

Rapid Return on Investment

For a low, one-time setup fee and a flat monthly rate that equals only a fraction of a cent per square foot, you can have a turnkey/lifetime solution for one building or an entire portfolio.

Fire Department Approved Training

Allied UniversalTS meets the FDNY (Fire Department of New York), LAFD (Los Angeles Fire Department) and other major fire department requirements. We currently train over 400 million square feet of commercial occupants.

Code Compliance Across the U.S.

Federal, state, and local laws require annual training for every commercial building occupant. However, studies show that less than 20% of occupants have ever trained or know what to do in an emergency. That means 80% of your occupants are at risk and could represent a liability to both themselves and you.

At Allied Universal, we believe every occupant should have the ability to be trained anytime, at their convenience, as often as they want to learn. Our mission is to create a safer, more informed occupant who understands their responsibilities and may be capable of helping others.

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