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Down Syndrome Awareness Month

Down Syndrome Awareness MonthIn our ongoing effort to promote public health and safety, we wanted to take the opportunity to call attention to an important associated observance, held annually across the United States in October: Down Syndrome Awareness Month. The National Association for Down Syndrome (NADS) created the campaign in the 1980’s to educate the public, provide families with information and resources, and address social policy issues and challenges facing the Down Syndrome community. The Allied Universal Fire Life Safety Training System is tailor-made to educate people from this (and every other) special needs’ community. The system is designed to help everyone prepare for and recover from natural and manmade disasters. What’s more, the system reminds subscribers to pay careful attention to anyone who may require additional assistance in an emergency.

Facts About Down SyndromeDown Syndrome Emergency Preparedness

Down Syndrome is a chromosomal condition occurring in 1 of every 700 pregnancies. The condition is a result of an error in cell division that creates an extra chromosome 21. Employing a series of screenings and tests, healthcare professionals can detect Down syndrome before or after birth. Researchers believe the syndrome to be caused by several mitigating factors but that the risk increases when the birth mother is over the age of 35. The condition can affect cognitive ability, physical growth, development and health.

Safety Issues Associated with Down Syndrome

Down Syndrome DNAEmergency situations can cause stress for anyone. This is especially true for someone with developmental disabilities, such as Downs. Most people with Down syndrome have mild to moderate cognitive impairment. Their language is delayed. And both short and long-term memory is affected. To help anyone who has special needs (and their caretakers) evacuate or Shelter in Place (SIP) during a disaster, the American Red Cross, the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) partnered together to provide free safety tips for people with disabilities.

“Emergencies can happen at a moment’s notice. Mobility, hearing, learning, or seeing disabilities can create specific needs that individuals need to address to be able to respond to an emergency. We urge everyone to become ‘Red Cross Ready’ for any urgent situation, which means assembling a survival kit, making an emergency plan, and being informed.”Emergency Evacuation Down Syndrome

~American Red Cross, DHS & FEMA

About the AUS Fire Life Safety Training System

Online Fire Life Safety Training Down SyndromeThe Allied Universal Fire Life Safety Training System provides first responders with building-specific safety information. This prepares emergency workers before they even arrive on scene. Also, one of our training modules offers instructions for providing physically impaired assistance. We value your safety in every situation. A convenient and affordable way to make sure high-rise occupants are prepared for disasters and emergencies of virtually every kind is to subscribe. Our system has been designed to help improve and save lives. For more information about the best system out there, or to subscribe, click here.

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