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Fire Safety for Everyone

Make sure your smoke alarm is operational.

Make sure your smoke alarm is operational.

At Allied Universal Inc., nothing is a more important than safety and disaster prevention. That is why we were pleased to hear that a recent study, conducted by the CDC (Center for Disease Control and Prevention) has found effective ways to prevent fire-deaths and injuries.

Over the past few decades, several nations have made dramatic improvements to their fire safety programs, such as incorporating routine safety checks to homes, starting with those in areas with the highest-risk.

Canada and England are among the countries to have adopted these methods. Residents of these nations are offered smoke-alarm tests, installation of smoke alarms, and also one-on-one safety messages from line-firefighters. Small improvements like these have led to a 40%-50% drop in residential fire-deaths for these countries.

For the United States, offers four simple tips for reducing the potential risk of fire.

1. Escape Plans

  • Make an escape plan and practice it with your eyes closed, crawling low to the floor.
  • Plan two ways of escape for each room.
  • Choose a place to meet once the family has escaped.
  • Check windows to make sure none of them stick.

2. Smoke Alarm Installation

  • Keep a smoke alarm on every floor of your home.
  • Test the alarms monthly.
  • Never disable a smoke alarm.
  • Keep smoke alarms clean.

3. The “Get out, Stay out” Rule

  • Remind your children, and yourself, that no belonging is worth taking the time to collect in the event of a fire.
  • Teach your children not to hide in the event of a fire, but to run for an exit.
  • Call for help only after you’ve escaped from your home.
  • If you discover that you left something behind, ask a firefighter to retrieve it.

4. Home Fire Sprinklers

  • Include fire sprinklers in your plans when building a home.
  • If possible, install sprinklers in your existing home.
  • Though the initial cost of fire sprinkler installation may be off-putting, weigh it against the cost of replacing all of your belongings.

Since a residential fire claims one life every three hours, and a fire-related injury occurs every half hour, taking even the smallest steps toward fire-safety can make a big difference. Fires are the third-leading cause of fatal home injury in the United States. Following the fire-safety tips and visiting the CDC’s website are good ways to BE SAFE!

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