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DHS Announces New Safety Prep Plan for Private Sector

An third-party auditor will evaluate your safety preparedness.

An third-party auditor will evaluate your safety preparedness.

The Department of Homeland Security announced a new program on October 16, 2009, called PS-Prep (Voluntary Private Sector Preparedness Accreditation and Certification Program). The initiative was created to provide a voluntary accreditation and certification assessment for use in the private sector.

PS-Prep will assess whether a private sector organization—such as a commercial company, non-profit group or educational institution—complies with one or more voluntary preparedness standards adopted by DHS. Some areas of this certification program will include:

  • Disaster Management
  • Emergency Management
  • Business Continuity Programs

DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano explained the reason for the new program by saying, “Preparedness is a shared responsibility and everyone—including businesses, universities and non-profit organizations—has a role to play. Ensuring our private sector partners have the information and training they need to respond to disasters will strengthen our efforts to build a culture of preparedness nationwide.”

Through PS-Prep, any small business, hospital, stadium, non-profit organization or corporation can be certified by an accredited third party, which checks for conformity to one or more preparedness standards. Once these standards have been certified, periodic reassessments will ensure that the business is still in compliance.

Participation in PS-Prep is entirely voluntary. Nevertheless, it would behoove anyone working in the private sector to take advantage of this opportunity. Reducing the impact of hazards and planning to protect employees, allows business owners and non-profit directors to recover and reopen following a natural disaster or other emergency. Since business recovery after disasters is uncommon, PS-Prep should help get more people back in business.

At Allied Universal Inc., we believe that it is vital to develop and implement plans to reduce the impact of a potential emergency or disaster, which is why we encourage seeking certification on at least one or more standards set out by DHS. For more information on the new PS-Prep Program, visit FEMA.

Becoming certified is a definite, important way to BE SAFE!!

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3 Responses to “DHS Announces New Safety Prep Plan for Private Sector”

  1. rjwestmore Says:

    Thank you for the input.

  2. Global Observer Says:

    I recently read an article concerning PS Prep and Supply Chain. Though PS Prep has value to improve community resilience, it by far is not prepared to support verification, validation, or certification of supply chain risk management or ensure that their supply chain partners are prepared. The BIA activity and the use of the “word–Supply Chain” within (NFPA 1600, ASIS SPC.1, BS 25999 Parts 1 and 2) for Implementation leading to private sector certification doesn’t comprehensively support supply chain activities (i.e. IT, Product and Services, and Manufacturing/Distribution—via Ports of embarkation or debarkation).

    Like others (e.g. William G. Raisch is the Director of the International Center for Enterprise Preparedness (InterCEP) at New York University) over states the current capability of the BC/BCM standards and PS Prep program once deployed—a mere copy of BSI BS 25999 BCM business certification minus the over indulgent committee members egos and desire to get rich. IT Supply Chain and Products/Services Supply Chain require different standards, validation, and certification. Listing to Mr. Raisch who sells used Volkswagens as though they are BMW’s–he has found The Da Vinci Code for combining the two activities under PS Prep. How preposterous and self serving!!!

    Get it right or don’t talk about it at all.

  3. Yvette Says:

    Congratulations on your fabulous article. It sounds interesting. Thanks a ton for helping to bring awareness to this issue. Yvette

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