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Kids Should Learn Fire Safety, Too

We talk a lot about fire safety – because, well, it’s our passion. But as important as fire safety is, it’s equally important to remember that it doesn’t start and end with adults. Children should practice fire safety, too.

That’s why we’ve compiled a few good resources on teaching kids about fire safety.

The first is, which has lots of great activities, including crossword puzzles, coloring pages, a matching game, and a fire safety quiz that offers an official junior fire marshal certificate upon completion. Just for fun, we’ve tested out all of these activities and they’re well worth the visit to the site. In addition, the site’s animated moderators, Marty and Jett, guide kids through the lessons, enhancing the experience even more.

From the National Fire Protection Association comes – with everyone’s friend, Sparky the Fire Dog. Kids can learn all they need to know about fire safety through activities like “Fun with Fire Trucks,” “Ask Sparky,” “Sparky’s Arcade,” and “Hot Diggity Dalmatians.” When they’re finished having fun while learning, children can send e-cards to friends and family for special occasions.

PBS KIDS Sprout – at – reminds kids to “Practice Fire Safety Every Day.” Fireman Sam and friends have plenty of ways to teach the importance of fire safety with the “Hot & Cold Game,” make-your-own fire safety badges, video safety tips, and more.

Parents – you never know when fire will strike. And we at Allied Universal hope it never does. But the reality is, it could happen to you and your family. So, please, prepare your children by practicing fire safety. It can be educational and fun when you use the resources provided here.

Good luck, and BE SAFE!

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2 Responses to “Kids Should Learn Fire Safety, Too”

  1. Fire Safety Education Says:

    This is very helpful specially to the parents of young children. I hope they can have time to read this.

  2. rjwestmore Says:

    Thank you for letting us know. It’s our goal to provide helpful information.