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Beware of Holiday Hazards!

As part of its Topical Fire Research Series, the U.S. Fire Administration has compiled alarming statistics on holiday hazards.

According to this report, from Dec. 24 to 26, fire deaths, injuries and dollar loss increases an average of 50%, 61% and 43%, respectively. That’s a huge spike in emergency situations over the course of just a few days, turning what should be a time of joy and celebration into devastating tragedies.

In addition, the yearly estimated fire loss for Dec. 24, 25 and 26 is more than $80 million, and each year these losses result from an estimated 11,600 fires that require a fire department response.

This holiday season, be prepared and practice caution. Keep in mind that as Christmas trees dry out, the risk of fire increases; the use of candles contributes to the increase in holiday fires; and cooking fires increase on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day.

You can help prevent these situations by paying attention to tree water levels and open flames and checking lights for potential electrical problems – not just around the holidays, but all year round.

Allied Universal wishes you and yours the very best and SAFE holidays this year!

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