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New York Fire Deaths Avoidable

The tragic deaths of 8 children and 1 adult in New York City today were AVOIDABLE!

With basic training, their lives might have been saved.

This was one of the deadliest fires in New York in nearly 2 decades. Reports also indicated that 19 were injured, including 4 firefighters and an EMT.

It was reported that 22 residents (17 children) were stranded on upper floors and resorted to tossing themselves or their children out of windows to escape the smoke and flames.

What lessons can be learned from this tragic fire and how can lives be saved in the future?

We know there is a direct correlation between fire safety education and the reduction in fires and the deaths and injuries they cause to both firefighters and the general public.

Training is the answer!

Every occupant of every type of building should know the basics about how to prevent, report or escape from a fire.

Although there were no recorded complaints or violations on record against this 1901 building, the occupants did not know what to do to prevent or escape from a fire.

Untrained occupants, smoke detectors with no batteries, overloaded power strips, space heaters too close to flammable materials, etc., created a domino effect that lead to a tragic conclusion.

Investigators believe that the fire started overnight with a faulty space heater or overloaded power strip. They suspect a mattress in the basement was ignited and the fire spread up the stairs of the four-story structure because the residents tried to fight the fire themselves and did not close doors to confine the fire or immediately call 911.

Even though the FDNY responded to the fire within 3 minutes, that was not enough time.

Remember, you will always be the first person on scene at your emergency. It is your responsibility to know how to prevent a fire and how to respond if you smell smoke or discover flames. Training yourself to recognize hazardous situations that can cause fires is everyone’s responsibility.

God bless the families of those who were lost or injured.

If you don’t know what to do when the unexpected becomes a reality, simply do an internet search for “Fire Safety” and prepare yourself TODAY!

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